I am a guide

My dedication is my hometown, Salzburg.

I am a guide.

However, I am usually unavailable for private tours. I write and I take pictures. I guide groups of people on public tours.

But I am always available, if you have a question or two. I love the questions. They help me understand.

You might want to visit the Free Walking Tour Salzburg to read about Salzburg and find out, if there is a public tour during your stay in Salzburg.

I love to take pictures

My main subject is Salzburg. I am obsessed with pictures and the fact that every moment is unique. That there are few days with perfect light and that the number of pictures we can take in a lifetime is limited. We never run out of new angles.

Videography is closely related to photography

but my passion for photography is bigger.

Videos are my means of documentation while photography is my art.

You can watch my videos on Youtube.

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Every Journey begins with the first step


I traveled a fair bit in my life. Today, however, it’s not about my journey anymore. My passion nowadays is in your story. I care about your experience and about travel in general.

Free Walking Tour Salzburg

I founded the first Free Walking Tour in Salzburg because the concept of Tip based walking tours resonates with me and my life.

Local Austrian

Salzburg is tiny and I didn't know much about my home country. Therefore I reached out not only to discover more but to share these discoveries with another project. You are welcome to check it out!