I am a Guide

Exploring Connections

From Salzburg's Streets to Digital Frontiers

A street in a city with a lot of asian signs.
Two people walking down an escalator in a shopping mall.

My Diverse Path of Discovery

From Salzburg's Paths to Global Connections

My heart belongs to Salzburg, a city I have the privilege to explore and share as a guide. While my journey began on the historic cobblestone paths, guiding public tours and capturing the essence of my hometown through photography and writing, it has since expanded into a broader exploration of creativity and innovation.

However, my passion for sharing knowledge and connecting cultures doesn’t stop at guiding. It extends into the digital realm where I break down language barriers with YouTube Korean lessons in German, craft engaging experiences through WordPress, and provide strategic insight as a branding consultant. Each endeavor is a piece of a larger puzzle, reflecting a commitment to fostering understanding and curiosity across various platforms.

Though my availability for private tours may be limited, my curiosity and eagerness to engage are boundless. I thrive on questions—they fuel my understanding and drive my explorations further. For those looking to experience Salzburg, the Free Walking Tour Salzburg offers a gateway to the city’s stories and secrets. And for those curious about the intersections of culture, technology, and creativity that define my work, I invite you to join me on this continuous journey of discovery and innovation.

My Portfolio of Projects

Each project is a universe of its own. From the historic streets of Salzburg to the digital landscapes of the web, discover the diverse endeavors that fuel my passion for storytelling, education, and technology.

Where Creativity Meets Strategy
A group of people standing in front of a fountain.

I Love to Take Pictures

My main subject is Salzburg. I am obsessed with pictures and the fact that every moment is unique. That there are few days with perfect light and that the number of pictures we can take in a lifetime is limited. We never run out of new angles.

  • A group of people playing music on a street.
  • The blue mosque in istanbul, turkey.
  • A graffiti covered tunnel with a mural of a giraffe.
  • A staircase leading up to an old building.

I Love Videography too

Videography is closely related to photography but my passion for photography is bigger.Videos are my means of documentation while photography is my art. You can watch my videos on Youtube.

A view of the city of slovene from the top of a hill.
A woman is dipping a fork into a plate of chips.

And I Love to Travel

I traveled a fair bit in my life. Today, however, it's not about my journey anymore. My passion nowadays is in your story. I care about your experience and about travel in general.

Every Journey begins with the first step
  • Spain

    Camino Santiago

    I walked more than 6000 kilometers in Spain.

    A person walking down a foggy path.
  • Georgia


    Georgia is one of my favorite countries.

    A group of buildings with balconies and a blue sky.
  • Vietnam


    I visited Vietnam but wouldn't need to revisit because the traffic is crazy.

    A woman is walking down a street with a basket full of vegetables.
  • Turkey


    I love Turkey for the food and the fun.

    The blue mosque in istanbul, turkey.
  • South Korea

    South Korea

    South Korea is the homeland of my fiance. We visit often.

    A street in a city with a lot of asian signs.
  • Thailand


    Chiang Mai Thailand is our digital nomad hub.

    A statue of a lion in front of a building.