Salzburg is the second most visited city in Austria after Vienna. Vienna is a big city and worth visiting for the culture, the arts, and architecture. Vienna holds the title of the most liveable city in the world. I love it very much. So why is Salzburg a must-visit during your stay in Austria? Salzburg is different. Probably even different from any other place you could visit in the world.

Why is Salzburg worth visiting?

  • Salzburg was independent until 200 years ago. It was owned by the catholic church and ruled by archbishops. Even if most locals are not aware of that fact anymore the history still resonates in the city. You will find the vibe of Salzburg to be completely different than Vienna and not only because it’s ten times smaller.
  • There is beautiful nature in the center of the city. Right in the center of Salzburg, there are two small mountains. These mountains offer views and untouched nature. While the old town is full of tourists in summer those mountains are still relatively unpopular.
  • Mozart was born in Salzburg and even if young people and the general population of Salzburg are not more into classical music than anywhere else, the city became a hotspot for classical music in the last 150 years. The biggest classical music festival in the world takes place in Salzburg every year.
  • I know there are fortresses and castles all over Europe but Salzburg has the best-preserved fortress in Europe. They say so at least. Not only is that fortress worth visiting as a sightseeing place but it looks great in the pictures you take of Salzburg and at the same time is one of the best photo spots.