A group of statues of soldiers in front of a building.

Cities in Ukraine

Discover the Heartbeat of Each City

Explore the unique charm, history, and culture that each city in Ukraine has to offer, from bustling metropolises to hidden gems waiting to be uncovered.


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More About Kyiv
A group of statues of soldiers in front of a building.

My Travels to Ukraine

What I experiences in Ukraine 

For my travels to get an insight into the places I visited.

Echoes of the Past: A Solemn Journey Through Chernobyl and Pripyat

Chernobyl is unique. There is no other abandoned place where people had to leave everything behind. You enter the school, kindergarten, homes of people and everything is still there. It’s

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Exploring Kyiv: From Sacred Monasteries to Soviet Memorials

I visited the capital of Ukraine in 2018 together with my friend Veljko because I wanted to visit Chernobyl. I spent 4 nights in Kyiv and loved the vibe of

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